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1. What two things are needed to make fuel for our bodies? a. ___food___ b. ___oxygen____
2. What two things happen in the stomach to break down food?
a. muscles contract
b. HCl breaks down food
3. Give two reasons the acid in the stomach does not eat through the lining?
a. new stomach lining
b. mucous covers it
4. What doe the enzymes do in the small intestine? Absorb chemicals we need from food
5. Why can astronatus eat and drink when they are in space (where there is no gravity)?
6. What is the “goopy stuff” called that goes through the stomach? ____Chyme_____
7. Follow the steps of digestion that Bill Nye demonstrates. Start with the mouth.
Mouth  esophagus  small intestine  large intestine  rectum  anus
8. What is waste? Things your body does not need
9. Where are nutrients absorbed into the body for your cells to use? Small intestine