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Chapter 11 Review Sheet
An overwhelming victory landslide
The process of moving to a new place relocation
Largest single share plurality
More than half majority
To cancel nullify
Andrew Jackson’s opponent in 1828 John Quincy Adams
Mistrusted strong central government Democratic-Republicans
Opposed Jackson on issues about the National Bank Henry Clay
Andres Jackson’s rivals Whigs
Which president’s popularity with the “common” man changed politics?
Andrew Jackson
Some southerners wanted to break away from the United States?
Who won the 1824 presidential election?
John Quincy Adams
The practice of replacing government employees with the winning
candidates’ supporters became known as…?
The spoils system
A government permit to operate a Bank of the United States was
called what?
What 1824 presidential nominee was the son of a former president?
John Quincy Adams
Which act did Congress pass in order to relocate Native Americans?
Indian Removal Act
The Bank of the United States was chartered by?
Which president was raised in poverty?
Andrew Jackson
Which of the following showed that the federal government would not
allow a state to go its own way without a fight?
Force Bill
What was the “corrupt bargain” between Henry Clay and John Quincy
In the 1824 election, no candidate received a majority of electoral
votes, so the House of Representatives would select the president.
Henry Clay, Speaker of the House, agreed to use his influence to help
Adams become president. Once in office, Adams appointed Clay
secretary of state, traditionally the stepping stone to the presidency.
Andrew Jackson’s followers accused the two of making a “corrupt
bargain” and stealing the election.
Summarize the Supreme Court case of Worcester v. Georgia? The
Cherokee nation refused to give up its land in Georgia and relocate to
Indian Territory in Oklahoma. In the treaties of the 1790s, the federal
government had recognized the Cherokee people in the state of
Georgia as a separate nation with its own laws. The Cherokee sued the
state government and eventually took their case to the supreme court,
Worcester v. Georgia. Chief Justice John Marshall ruled that Georgia
had no right to interfere with the Cherokee because only the federal
government had authority over matters concerning the Cherokee.
President Jackson supported Georgia’s efforts to remove the Cherokee.
He vowed to ignore the Supreme Court’s ruling.