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1200BCE - Latins, historicalfoundersof Rome, settleon the PalatineRiver.
800 BCE - Romulusand Remus.mvthic foundersof Rome-are born.
800 BCE - Etruscanssettle north of the Latin villaee on the Palatine.
600 BCE - Etruscansdominate all of north"* ftrfjund influenced Latin culture.
509 BCE - Roman farmer-soldiersoverthrow the Etruscansand establisha Republic.
275BCE - Rome has gained control of the whole Italian peninsula.
Romanscome into contactwith the Carthaginiansof North Africa, Sparn,and Sicily.
Tension betweenthem leadsto the Punic Wars, which last about 120 vears. Romans are
145BCE - Romansdemandallegiancefrom Greek city of Corinth and attack it. Romansnow are
the ruling power of the Mediterraneanregion.
79 BCE - Roman GeneralsPompeii and Julius Caesarhave different ideas about how Rome should
be ruled (aristocratic senatorsvs. one strong leader).
46 BCE - After raising an army and conqueringPompey,Julius Caesarbecomesdictator of Rome.
44BCE- the senatorswho are suspiciousof his ambition kill Caesar.
31 BCE - Civil war breaksout betweenOctavian(Caesar'sadoptedson) and Marc Antony.
Octavian wins. Antony and Egyptian Queen Cleopatracommit suicide and Octavian
becomesabsoluteruler of Rome, adding Egypt as a territory.
Octavian is renamedCaesarAugustus and expandsthe Empire to natural defensible
boundaries.The following period is called "Pax Romana," a time of peaceand unity for
the empire.
96 -186 CE - Period of the Five Good Emperorsincluded:
An expansionof the empire to its greatestsize
Social reforms
Public works
186-236 CE - Provincesrevolt, civil war breaksout and there are 26 different emperorsin 5Oyears,
(25 removedby assassination)
2V CE - EmperorDiocletian declareshimself a gcd, establishingthe idea that the emperor'sright
to rule comesfrom the gods, not the people. He also split the empire in two to make it
easierto control.
3I2 CE - Emperor Constantinemoved the capital from Rome to a Greek city, later renamed
313 CE - EmperorConstantineestablishesreligiousfreedom,and later convertsto Christianity
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