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Name _________________________________________________
Date ___________
People of Scientific Revolution
1. Person who said the sun was at the center of the universe: __________________________
2. The idea that the sun is at the center: _____________________________
3. Galileo observed what about heavenly bodies: _______________________________________
4. Rousseau argued that gov’t should be governed by _________________________, which states that
an entire society: __________________________________________________
5. Person who created three laws of motion: ___________________________________
6. The father of modern chemistry: ____________________________________________
7. Invented the scientific method: ________________________________________
8. The only true way to gain scientific knowledge: ______________________________
9. Who believed in laissez-faire: ____________________________
10. According the laissez-faire, what should the gov’t do with the economy: ______________________
Age of Enlightenment
11. Intellectuals of the Enlightenment: _____________________________
12. According to the Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment, what governs the universe:
13. Enlightenment is influenced by two Englishmen: ____________________________________
14. At the end of the Seven Years’ War, who was considered the greatest colonial power: ___________
15. Who wanted revenge and how did they get it: _____________________________________
16. Seven years war in North America: ____________________________________________
American Revolution
17. Why were the American colonists upset over the taxes: ____________________________________
18. Why did the Sons of Liberty dump tea into the Boston Harbor: ______________________________
19. The American nation’s first constitution was called: __________________________________
20. It failed because: ______________________________________________________________
21. The colonist want a say in Parliament by this saying: _______________________________
22. Intolerable Acts: _____________________________________________________
French Revolution
23. Name the causes of the French Revolution
a. __________________________
d. __________________________________
b. ______________________________
e. ___________________________________
c. ______________________________
24. Which estate was not exempt from taxation: _____________________________________
25. Why was the Estates-General voting structure unfair: _____________________________________
26. Another name for the middle class: _____________________________________
27. Name the gov’ts of Revolutionary France in order:
a. ______________________________
b. ______________________________
c. ______________________________
d. ______________________________
28. The people who took the Tennis Court Oath vowed: _________________________________
29. Why did the people attack the Bastille: ________________________________________
30. What did the Civil Constitution of the Clergy do: ____________________________________
31. Louis XVI was forced to accept the new gov’t by _____________________________________
32. The radical members of this group were called: _______________________________________
33. This meant they were: __________________________________
34. Who was Marat: _______________________________________________________
35. What happened to King Louis XVI: ___________________________
36. What was the reaction of the people of Paris when a Prussian general threatened them: __________
37. What happened during the September Massacres: ________________________________________
38. The Committee of Public Safety was given broad powers to: ___________________________
39. The brutal head of this Committee was _____________________________________
40. Time period from 1793-4 where people were arrested and killed: _________________________
41. What was its purpose: ___________________________________________________________
42. The new killing device used in the French Revolution: _________________________________
43. What ended the Reign of Terror: _________________________________________
44. The National Convention followed a policy of _______________________________ to show its
belief in reason and even adopted a new ____________________________
45. A sudden overthrow of the gov’t: __________________________________
46. Napoleon overthrew the ___________________________________
47. Why did people accept Napoleon: _____________________________________________
48. Three major parts of Napoleon’s Empire:
a. ______________________________
c. __________________________________
b. ______________________________
49. Promotion in Napoleon’s bureaucracy was based on: ______________________
50. Napoleon’s famous legal code: ________________________________________
51. During the Napoleonic wars, the greatest enemy of France was: _____________________________
52. What was the importance of the Battle of Trafalgar:
53. Napoleon implemented the Continental System to: ____________________________________
54. Three reason’s why Napoleon’s empire collapsed:
a. ______________________________
c. ___________________________________
b. ______________________________
55. How did the Russian’s defeat Napoleon’s army: _______________________________________
56. In his final battle, Napoleon was defeated by ___________________________ at the Battle of
57. The unique cultural identity of people: ________________________________
58. The right to vote: __________________________________
ESSAY: How did the French and American Revolution change the view of society? (Hierarchy, taxation,
representation, freedoms, government changes, equal rights)
People of the Scientific Revolution
Age of Enlightenment
American Revolution
French Revolution
Napoleon Bonaparte