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Cardiovascular System Webquest
You will use the following website to complete the questions below.
1. Click on “Why the Heart Beats”
What keeps the blood flowing in the circulatory system?
2. Next, Click on “How your Heart is Formed”
a. Describe what the heart looks like during the four stages of fetal heart development.
Stage 1:
Stage 2:
Stage 3:
Stage 4:
b. How much does the average adult size heart weigh?
c. What happens to the average heart rate from infancy to adulthood?
3. Now click on “Structure of the Heart”
a. How many chambers does the human heart have?
b. Why is it easier to feel your heartbeat on the left side of the chest?
c. What is the largest blood vessel?
d. What are the two largest veins?
e. What does the name vena cava mean?
f. What is the wall called that separates the right and left side of the heart?
4. Now click on “Human Heart Trivia”
How many times does your heart beat in a lifetime?
How big is your heart?
What does your heart weigh?
Which day of the week do more people have heart attacks?
Is laughter really good for your heart?
How many times does your heart recycle your blood each day?
5. Now click “Blood Vessels”
a. Name and describe the three types of blood vessels.
b. What is the function of valves found in veins?
c. Why do arteries not have valves?
6. Now click “Red Blood Cells”
a. What is the function of red blood cells?
b. What is the average life cycle of RBC’s?
7. Now click “White Blood Cells”
a. What is the function of white blood cells?
b. What is the average life cycle of a WBC?
8. Now Click here to learn about The Heart or use the link below
a) Your heart is really a _________________.
b) Your blood supplies your body with the ________________ and _____________ it needs.
c) Where does the right side of the heart pump blood? ____________________________
d) Where does the left side of the heart pump blood? _____________________________
Click Continue
e) How many different areas is your heart made up of?____________________________
f) On your heart, what two chambers on the top fill with blood? _____________________
g) On your heart, what two chambers on the bottom fill with blood? __________________
h Valves work to keep blood flowing _______________________.
Click Continue
i) How long does it take your heart to pump blood to every cell in your body? ______________
Click Continue
j What makes the lub-dub sound of the heart? ___________________
9. Now click here to learn about blood
_________________________which carry oxygen throughout the body
b. ________________________ which fight infections
c. ________________________ which are cells that help you stop bleeding if you get a cut
d. ________________________ a yellowish liquid that carries nutrients, hormones, and proteins
throughout the body.
e. ______________________that goopy stuff inside your bones — makes the red blood cells, the
white blood cells, and the platelets.
f. What gives blood it’s red color? ________________________
g. True or False – White blood cells are bigger than red blood cells._____________________
h. _____________________________ are tiny round cells that help to make sure you don't
bleed too much once you get a cut or scrape.
i. Plasma is a yellowish liquid that is mostly _____________. But it also carries important
nutrients, hormones, and proteins throughout the body.
10. Click on the link and practice labeling the parts of the heart. Record your times
a. __________________
b. __________________
c. __________________
11. Watch the following video clip on “The Circulatory System”
12. Click the link to take a quiz on the circulatory system.
Record your score: _________________%
Once you complete the webquest play the following games to review the circulatory system.
Circulatory Matching Game
Record your score here ____________
Circulatory System Hangman
Record your first 5 words