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Early Middle Ages Review
Ch 13:1 Germanic Kingdoms Under Charlemagne
1. When were the Middle Ages?
2. How did Germanic invasions disrupt Europe?
3. What caused the decline in written learning during the Middle Ages?
4. What are romance languages?
5. How was the leadership of Germanic tribes different from the government of the Roman Empire?
6. Who were the Franks?
7. Who was the leader who united the Franks?
8. What religion did he adopt?
9. What is a monastery?
10. Who was Benedict of Nursia?
11. What was Benedict’s Rule?
12. What famous book did the Venerable Bede write?
13. What distinguished Pope Gregory the Great (Gregory I) from earlier popes?
14. What does the term secular mean?
15. What dynasty did Clovis start?
16. Define the term Major Domo.
17. Who was Charles Martel?
18. What important battle did Charles Martel win and why was it important in European history?
19. Who was Pepin the Short?
20. How did Pepin the Short become a king?
21. What dynasty did Pepin the Short start?
22. Who was Charlemagne?
23. What territory did Charlemagne control?
24. What made Charlemagne a good ruler?
25. What happened to Charlemagne’s empire after his death?
Ch 13:2 Feudalism in Europe
26. Who were the Vikings and where were they from?
27. Describe a Viking ship.
28. Who was Leif Ericson?
29. Who were the Magyars?
30. What was the Magyars motivation for raiding?
31. What effect did the raids of Vikings, Magyars, and Muslims have on Western Europe?
32. Who was Rollo?
33. Why did Charles the Simple want to make an agreement with Rollo?
34. What was the feudal system based on?
35. What is the term for the land that a lord grants to a vassal?
36. What is a knight?
37. What did a knight pledge to a lord in order to gain a fief?
38. What made the feudal system get complicated?
39. What is a serf?
40. What is the term for a lord’s estate?
41. What is a tithe?
Ch 13:3 The Age of Chivalry
42. What is meant by the term chivalry?
43. What is a tournament?
44. Identify the following medieval weapons: trebuchet, chain mail, caltrop, siege tower, claymore.
45. Identify the following parts of a castle: moat, drawbridge, arrow loop, and battlement.
Ch 13:4 The Church Wields Power
46. Define the term clergy.
47. Define the term laity
48. What are sacraments?
49. What is canon law?
50. Why is it called the Holy Roman Empire?
51. What is lay investiture?
52. What was the Concordat of Worms?