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U.S. History: Narrative/Reflective Essay Prompt
Write a minimum five-paragraph essay based on the prompt below. Your final draft is to be
word processed and proofread carefully.
Select one of the historical characters listed below and write a description of one day in the life
of that character. You may choose to either become the character and write in the first person
(“I”) or narrate the events as an observer from the third person point of view. Before writing you
must research the historical conditions in which this character lived. To receive a high score
your essay must include sensory description and accurate historical detail.
Choose one of the following:
a delegate to the Constitutional Convention
a minister of the First or Second Great Awakenings
a Puritan during the early years of the Massachusetts Bay Colony
a participant in Lewis and Clark’s expedition
a nineteenth century reformer working for either the abolition of slavery or rights for
a soldier during the American Revolution or War of 1812 (either American or British)
a soldier during the Civil War (either Union or Confederate)
a participant at the Alamo or during the War with Mexico (either American or Mexican)
a miner hoping to strike it rich during the Gold Rush
a Native American coping with European colonization or American expansion (be
specific about the time period you live in and the tribe to which you belong)
an American settler moving west during the era of manifest destiny
Final Draft should be typed, double-spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman.
Essay due date: Monday, September 30th at the beginning of class
No essays will be accepted after this date!