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Midterm Examination
PS 314
Essay Format
Due date: Feb. 28th, by the beginning of class
No electronic submissions, please
Length: Five to eight pages, approximately
Source materials: class readings, class lectures and
discussions – no additional research required
Approximate grading scheme:
• Degree to which the essay critically addresses the
question (25%)
• Appropriate use of readings (including reading forms)
• Essay structure (logical consistency, appropriate use of
facts, critical thinking, etc.) (25%)
• Presentation and style (grammar, spelling, syntax,
bibliographic references/citations, etc.) (25%)
Additional requirements:
• Reading forms attached
• Academic honesty statement: “I understand what
constitutes academic dishonesty, including plagiarism,
and I have not done it”
Sample Question
“What explains the shape that
sovereignty took in the modern
world. Looking at arguments
advanced by both the globalist and
the globaloney schools, how do you
think that sovereignty has changed
in the late 20th century. Which side
in the great globalization debate, if
any, would you suscribe to?”
Final Considerations and Advice
Get going on the essay early
If you are having problems, seek help from either
Nirmal or myself (but remember, we may have
less time if you leave it to the last minute)
Allow yourself the time to re-read your essay,
revise it, and proof-read it thoroughly
Remember: this essay, for Nirmal and myself,
reflects your ‘academic persona’ – who you are in
terms of your work ethic, intellectual capabilities,
and commitment
Do not hand in any piece of work that you do not
feel proud of
Measuring Globalization
The intellectual question: what does
it mean for a country to be
How would we measure that?
FP/AT Kearney Index
Composed of four main indicators:
• Economic integration
• Technological connectivity
• Personal contact
• Political engagement
Economic Integration
Trade (imports and exports as a
percentage of GDP)
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
Technological Connectivity
Internet users
Internet hosts
Number of secure servers
Personal Contacts
International telephone traffic
Cross-border economic transfers
(including remittances)
Political Engagement
International organizations
UN peacekeeping
Number of international treaties
Government transfers to other
The results
10. Finland
9. Austria
8. Sweden
7. Denmark
6. Canada
5. Netherlands
4. United States
3. Switzerland
2. Ireland
1. Singapore