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Study Guide Ch. 1
1.Many of the worlds
first people lived near
1. Tidal waves are
caused by earthquakes
and storms
•3. When two
plates of the
earth’s crust push
together, their
edges crumple and
fold to make a
mountain range
•4. Scientists
believe that all
of Earth’s
landmasses were
once one
•5. The Pacific
ocean is the
deepest and
covers the
greatest area
•6.Freshwater we
use everyday is
replaced when rain
travels across the
land and collects in
rivers and streams
•7. The opposite
of a tropical
climate is a polar
8. The
movement of
people from
place to place is
called migration
•9. Farming is one
thing that does
not affect the
climate of a
•10. In general,
it is easier for
people to live on
flat land near
•11. One way
volcanoes can
form is the
movement of the
Earth‘s crust
•12.Some landforms
are impossible for
people to change
and use
•13. Land temps are
strongly influenced
by ocean currents
•14. Deposition is
the dropping of
sediment in an area
•15. Desert areas
are getting larger.
•Because of human
•Ways Humans
Shape The Earth
•Building cities
•Clearing land
•Desert vegetation
adapts to surroundings
by; (essay)
•Storing water
•Growing longer roots
•Grow far apart
• People move because of;
• Better jobs
• Better living conditions
• Better climate
• They move to urban
centers to get better
jobs and more income
for their families
•The End