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Study Guide for the Third Examination
The third exam will have the same format as exams #1 and #2.
Perpetual Resources
US National Forests
Green Revolution*
Least Cost Theory
Great Oasis*+
Nonrenewable Resources
Swidden Agriculture+
Potentially Renewable Resources
Formal Regions
Functional Regions
Johann Heinrich Von Thünen*+
Planned Economies
Estuarine Zone*
Central Place Theory*
Concentric Zone Model
Comparative Advantage
Maximum Sustainable Yield
Metropolitan Area
World Cities+
Sector Model
The Tragedy of the Commons+
The Everglades+
Schuylkill Anthracite Region+
Urban Hierarchy
Network Cities+
Multiple-Nuclei Model
* requires a date, +requires a location
Essay Questions:
1. Discuss the concept of region. What is a region? What types of regions are there? In your
response, refer to specific concepts and regions.
2. In a thoughtful essay, reflect on natural resources. What classes of natural resources are there?
How are they distributed across the surface of the planet? What are the main issues surrounding
their use and conservation? Be sure to refer to key concepts and key resources. Include vivid
detail in your response.
3. Discuss the influence of location on the creation and distribution of wealth. What accounts for
variations in wealth and production across space and by location? Introduce key concepts and
terms. Use specific examples.