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Ancient Egypt
Study guide
Purpose: This is designed as a guide to creating your notes for the upcoming test. It
includes most of the major ideas that we have covered or will cover before the test. I
would recommend that you include the following information in your notes. You
may use ONE PAGE of notes for the test. Yes, one page front and back.
What specific geographic features protected Egypt to make it one of the longest running
civilizations? (Name the bodies of water and name the deserts. Be able to locate on a
Know when the three Kingdoms existed (datesā€¦pg. 69 in the text)
Why did the Egyptian civilization last longer than either Sumeria or Babylonia?
What rights did women have in Egypt? (pg 81)
Create a visual to show the different social classes of Egypt. Describe each class not just
middle, upper, etc. but who was in each class.
Describe the PROCESS (How) of building a pyramid. Who, What, Why, When, Where
Explain the Egyptian creation myth (check your notes).
Know the process of mummification (from the video) and why it was important, and who
did what jobs.
What medical advances did they have? How did they learn so much? (pg 82-84)
What did they figure out about astronomy? Why? How? (pg 82-84)
Describe a peasants life throughout the seasons.
Vocab terms: Cataract; Delta; Silt; Pharaoh; Dynasty; Hieroglyph; Artisan; Papyrus;
Absolute power, Canopic Jars, Maastaba
Important people: Jean Francois Champollion; Amon-Re; King Tut; Queen Hatshepsut;
Thutmose III, Menes, Heredotus, Isis, Osirus, Ahmose, Aton, Akenaton, Howard Carter,
Thomas Young
Why was the Nile River so important to the lives of the Ancient Egyptians? Describe in
detail the things that it effected. Make sure to discuss it as a protective device,
transportation system, farming aid, and religious item.
Write this in essay format with a clear introduction that tells the reader what will be
covered (basically restating the question). You also need to finish with a clear
conclusions that summarizes the main points of the essay.
Essay organizer and evaluation:
Introduction: Clearly define what it is you are going to answer in your essay.
6 pts
Main point # 1: The river as a protective device. (Size, and what kept people
from sailing straight up from the south.
Main point #2: Transportation system. (what things it was being used for, why it
was such a unique trade route)
Main point #3: Farming. (What it brought each year, different ways that water
was brought to the fields and how they figured out when it would flood)
Main point #4: Religion (describe the creation myth and how it ties to the river,
also address river gods, etc.)
Conclusion: Wrap up the main points of your essay. Summarize why the river was
so important in your own words using the main points
6 pts
6 pts