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“It’s All Greek to Me” Unit Essays
Directions: From your class notes and text book, please answer the following
essay questions according to the directions for each part. In total, you will have
completed four essay questions. Remember these essay questions count as 40%
of your unit test. They are due on March 10th, with no exceptions. If you are
absent, then you must send them to me via email on that day or you will receive a
Part A: Factual Information (Pick One): ½ Page
1. How are the modern Olympic games similar to the original ones? What
are some differences?
2. What were some of the causes and effects of the Peloponnesian War?
3. Describe the Mycenaean’s role in the Trojan War. Why do you think
people still read Homer’s long story-poems the “Iliad” and “Odyssey” and
still enjoy them?
Part B: Opinions (Pick One): ½ Page
1. How did the Persian war affect Greece? Why was the Battle of Marathon
important for the Greeks?
2. Do you think that the Spartan emphasis on military training benefited
Sparta? Why or why not?
3. How important was religion in the Ancient Greek civilization? Explain
your answer.
Part C: Main Ideas (Do Both): 1 Page each
1. Compare and contrast the daily lives of both women and men in Sparta
and Athens.
2. Why do you think people called Alexander “the Great”? Would he have
agreed with them? What makes you think so?