Download Heat Transfer WebQuest Visit the Heat Transfer website (http://www

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Heat Transfer WebQuest
Visit the Heat Transfer website
to answer the following questions.
What are the three ways heat can be transferred in our environment?
Click on the picture of the pot. Light the burner and view the animation.
What type of heat transfer is occurring? Define it.
What substances do you think would be good conductors or poor conductors?
(hint: Click on “Show Examples”)
Click on the hot air balloon.
What is convection and what phases of matter does it occur in?
Light the stove.
Describe how a convection current is created.
Can you think of other examples of convection? (hint: click on “show examples”)
Click on the sun.
What is radiation?
What happens when electromagnetic waves come in contact with an object?
(hint: add sunlight to the house)
Can you think of other examples of radiation heat transfer? (hint: click on “show
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