Download 1. Based on your observations, do all cells have the same shape

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1. Based on your observations, do all cells have the same
shape? Support your answer.
2. Based on your observations, do animal or plant cells tend to
be larger? Support your answer.
3. Why do cells have different shapes and sizes?
4. Are the nuclei always found in the same place within different
types of cells? Support your answer.
5. Stains such as iodine can be used to show the cell wall.
Which biomolecule is being stained? (hint: review your
biomolecules notes).
6. What cell structure might you be able to compare to the main
(principal’s) office of the school? Explain.
7. Why were there no chloroplasts found in the onion cells? (hint:
onions are found underground)
8. Explain why you could not use an oak tree leaf in this
investigation instead of Elodea.
9. If you were given a slide containing living cells of an unknown
organism, how would you identify
the cells as either that of a plant or an animal?