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Presentación y práctica de gramática 2, pp. 228–230
 1.1 Engage in conversation, Act. 14
 1.2 Understand language, Pronunciación, Act. 13
 1.3 Present information, Acts. 11–12, 14, PYP
 4.1 Compare languages
 Present and practice e
i stem-changing verbs.
 Use new verbs to order from a menu.
 Recycle: direct object pronouns, p. 204; tener expressions, p. 198.
 (5 min.) Model stem changing verbs by reciting a short paragraph: “Cuando salimos a
comer mi padre siempre pide pollo, y mis hermanas piden pescado. Mi madre y yo
pedimos el biftec. Y tú , ¿qué pides?” Bring in pictures of foods from magazines as
prompts. Model a correct answer (Yo pido carne.)
 (10 min.) Presentación de gramática, p. 228. Review e
i stem-changing verbs. Ask
students questions with target verbs: servir, pedir, repetir.
 (10 min.) Review direct object pronouns with students, p. 204 before they complete
Activity 12.
 (10 min.) Have students complete Activities 11 and 12, p. 229.
 (5 min.) Pronunciación, p. 229. TXT CD 4, track 16. Have students repeat the words after
you. Have them think of two more words that have a soft “c” sound. Review hard “c”
sound with a, o, u.
 (5 min.) Listen to TXT CD 4, track 17 and have students do Activity 13, p. 230.
 (10 min.) Review the verb tener, p. 198. Have students do Activity 14, p. 230.
 (15 min.) Group students for the Comparación cultural Activity, p. 230. Have the group
write a brief description of the people in the original painting Las meninas.
IEP Modification Continue to model pronunciation of words with hard and soft “c.” Write a list
of words on the board and have students pronounce them. Write words with two c’s to stress the
difference: lección, sección.
 (5 min.) Para y piensa, p. 230.
 Homework: Cuaderno, pp. 177–179. Cuaderno para hispanohablantes, pp. 178–181.