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Islamic Image Problem: What should Muslims Do?
Mohamed Hassan Ibrahim
Islam’s chief aim is to realize human happiness in "the city of humankind." It wishes to
rely on reflective intelligence in resolving moral dilemmas. It emphasizes tolerance and
the negotiation of differences. However, it is not well presented and represented by
Muslim practices or their media. This paper tries to look into this dilemma of distortion
and find possible ways to correct the Islamic image .Much work has been done on this
matter. Some analysts believe that the West's misunderstanding of Islam is as old as the
religion itself, which began in the 7th century and was quickly followed by battles
between Muslims and Christians. In modern time, these misperceptions worsened with
the establishment of Israel in 1948 and the Arab-Israeli conflicts that ensued and continue
There are many factors contribute to negative image of Islam in the west. Media
has played undeniable role towards this deterioration, making use of Islamic revolution
through decades till recent increased immigration of Muslims to Western societies. In
addition to that many Muslim media practitioner are lack of Islamic orientation. School
of communications are stereotype of Western academic style (syllabuses, values), besides
the tendency to duplicate Western society concepts in all life walks. This gives the wrong
message Islam in Muslim world. Further more, many reporters and news writers adopt
biasness when reporting on Muslim or Non- Muslims with false analysis which is against
Media international charter. For example, some Muslim media do not deny some Islamic
groups practices which resulted in increasing violence (bombing, etc).
To correct this picture, this paper proposed Muslim Media practitioners to
propagate Islam through actual reporting, fairness in analyzing events. Also, it is vital to
disseminate Islamic concept, like the concepts of champion in Islam. It is called after the
person who proves patient , mercy , kindness , seriousness in all film shots .Rather than to
appear as oppressor , furious and arrogant .This may propagate violence among children
.Film should avoid cheating , backbites , lying in order to lead to the required purpose.
Following this, it may find acceptable programs. Because every body is born by nature to
like justice and dislike bad habits .This may help Islam to be well understood in its
contents rather than relying on Muslim practices, like the fanatic groups.
Mr. Mohamed Hassan Ibrahim (Ph.D Student)
Faculty of Islamic Studies
Dept. of Da’wa and Leadership (Da’wah Media) .
The National University of Malaysia
Email [email protected]
Tell: + 6013 254 89 42 (Malaysia)