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Faculty of Science, School of Sciences, Lautoka Campus
Trimester 1, 2017: BIO509 Botany
Tutorial 1
1. What are the differences and similarities between a plant and an animal cell?
2. Living organisms are classified into distinct groups. Compare the traditional
classification system with the modern classification system that led to the
formation of the three domain system.
3. What are the fundamental differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells?
4. Archea and bacteria are both prokaryotes. Why are they grouped into two
separate domain or kingdoms?
5. How do viruses differ from bacteria? Explain why viruses can only reproduce
inside a host cell?
6. Distinguish between gram negative and gram positive bacteria.
7. Give two ways in which bacteria are important to us?
8. Differentiate between haplontic, diplontic and haplodiploid life cycles.