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Chapter 16 Study Notes
Evolution of Populations
I - Genes and Variation – The two main sources for genetic variation are ________ and
a) Genes control ____________ traits. Changes in genes produce__________ variation.
b) Genes come in at least two forms or ___________. Animals such as horses usually
have _______________________________________________________________.
i – Variation and Gene Pools - A population is ______________________________________________________________________________________________.
a) gene pool:
b) relative frequency of an allele:
ii – Sources of Genetic Variation: Describe the two main sources for genetic variation
in detail
iii - Single-Gene and Polygenic Traits
The number of phenotypes for a given trait depends on ___________________________
a)Describe a single gene trait in humans, include what is dominant and what the
phenotype looks like.
b)Polygenic traits are __________________________________________.
II Evolution as Genetic Change – Evolutionary fitness is ___________________
Evolutionary adaptation is ___________________________________________
i) Natural Selection on Single-Gene Traits - Natural selection on single-gene
traits can ________________________________________________________-_____________________________________________________________________.
ii) Natural Selection on Polygenic Traits – can affect
a)directional selection – provide and example
b) stabilizing selection – provide definition
c) disruptive selection – provide example
iii Genetic Drift Occurs when an allele ________________________________
iiii Evolution verses genetic equilibrium
Define the Hardy-Weinberg principle _______________________________________
Discuss the five conditions that the Hardy Weinberg principle hold.
III Process of Speciation explains how _____________________________________
i) isolating mechanisms - gene pools of species must _________ __________ for them
to become__________ ____________.
Define reproductive isolation.__________________________________________
a) behavioral isolation occurs when _____________________________________
b) geographic isolation two populations are ______________________________
c) temporal isolation occurs when ___________________________________.
ii) Testing Natural Selection in Nature in your own words summarize the field work of
the Grants regarding the finches speciation, page 406-409. Include variation, and natural
selection – you may use drawings to assist your explanation.