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Classical Greece
The Polis
Each polis had an agora (market place) and acropolis
(fortified citadel)
Forms of Government
Many different types (monarchy, aristocracy, oligarchy,
tyrant, etc.)
Athens = Democracy
Draco, Solon, Cleisthenes
Sparta = Oligarchy
2 kings, 5 elected officials (ephors), Council, Assembly
Athens vs. Sparta
• Large Population
• Citizen, aliens, slaves
• Democracy
• Women = property
• Male education important
• Civic duty
• Navy
• Small population
• Citizens, neighbors,
• Oligarchy
• Women = almost same
power men
• Male, Female Education
• Obey, endure
• Military
Greek Hoplite and Phalanx
Persian Wars
Greece vs. Persia
3 Main Stages/Battles
Battle Marathon
Battle Thermopoylae
Battle Salamis
Persia never attacked Greece again
Golden Age Athens
Athens “Golden/Classical Age”
Peloponnesian Wars
Fast Facts…
Source of information - Thucydides
 “This
day will be the beginning of great evils for the
Greeks called “the war b/w Peloponnesians and
Lasted 27 years
Fighting ranged across Greek world
At wars end, “Golden Age” of Greece over
Why did the Peloponnesian war start? How did it end?
According to Thucydides…
 “Spartan
fear of the growth of Athenian Power”
Big Idea: War of Opposing Ideologies
“This day will be the beginning of great evils for the
Ended greatness Greece
Alexander the Great
Arguably one of the
greatest military generals
of all time
Father Philip II
 Improved
Created vast Empire
 Ionian
Sea to Himalaya
Responsible for
preservation and diffusion
of Hellenism