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New Empires Study Guide
Complete the timeline by putting each group in order of when they ruled
Akkadians, Sumerians, Babylonians, Hittites, Ur (Sumerians), Assyrians, Kassites,
Chaldeans, Phonecians
What made the Assyrians so powerful?
What did the Chaldeans do once they took over Babylon? How did this make
them successful?
What are the characteristics of a civilization?
What was government like in the later Empires of Mesopotamia?
*Know the Kings of each Empire…
*How was the code of Hammurabi set up?
*The following words of Hammurabi were carved on a large stone slab: “I have
brought justice to all my subjects.” How is it true that he brought justice to all his
subjects? How is it not true?
Why did the Babylonians and Assyrians want to expand their empires so much?
What did they hope to gain from it?
Vocabulary to know:
City-state, fertile crescent, division of labor, surplus, irrigation, empire, scribe,
polytheism, social hierarchy, cuneiform, ziggurat, monarch, chariot
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You will be asked about irrigation and how it helped the first society develop (how
the Sumerians controlled water)
Know where important places and features are on the map (Tigris and Euphrates
river, Sumer, Babylon, Akkadian Empire, Mesopotamia, etc.)
Sumerian achievements
Social Hierarchy
Division of labor and its effects