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Humanities Exam Review: Ancient River Valley Civilizations in Mesopotamia
1. People who find facts.
2. People who study relationships between
ancient people.
3. Important prehistoric discovery.
4. People moving place to place.
5. Human life appeared here 1st.
6. Time period before written history.
7. Allows scientists to measure how old
something is.
8. Community of citizens or a city.
9. The exchange of goods for other goods.
10. A way of life for a group of people.
11. Two rivers of Mesopotamia
12. 1st civilization
13. Produced from copper and tin.
14. 1st type of writing system.
15. People buying and selling goods for
16. Sumerian temples
17. People who kept written records.
18. Main city-state of Sumerians.
19. 1st people to use geometry and algebra.
20. Great king of the Babylonians.
21. # of laws under Hammurabi.
22. Great king of the Chaldeans.
23. Tactic used by Assyrians.
24. Great traders of Mediterranean.
25. Great Phoenician city.
26. Great invention by Phoenicians.
27. Influential contribution by the Jews.
28. Capital of Jewish Empire.
29. Inventors of iron.
30. Capital of Assyrian Empire.
31. Large group defeated by Chaldeans.
32. Controlled one of the largest empires ever.
33. Name of provinces in Persian Empire.
34. Persians accomplished what two things?