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Ancient Civilization Quiz (Western Asia)
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1. The first civilization in West Asia was formed along what two rivers?
_______________________ & ____________________
2. The Sumerians developed the _________________ form of writing.
3. _________________ became the first hero in world literature.
4. The Sumerian civilization lasted until about ____________ B.C.E.
5. The ___________ gave the world on of its most influential religions.
6. Many Hebrews were enslaved in ________________.
7. Moses led the Jews to Palestine, in search of a homeland promised by the Jewish
God, _______________.
8. The Phoenicians region is now the nation of ___________________.
9. Phoenicians settled on the ________________________ coast.
10. The Phoenicians alphabet served as the basis of the _________ & ________
lettering system.
11. The Phoenicians were a merchant or _____________ people.
12. The _______________ were credited with unifying all of Mesopotamia.
13. _________________ codified the laws of the region, to deal with a number of
criminal property, and family issues.
14. _________ laws were established with this Babylonian King.
15.The Assyrians trained their warriors to fight in divisions called _______________.
Ancient Civilization Quiz (Western Asia)
16. The Assyrians controlled most of _____________________________.
17. The _________________ took over the Assyrian Empire in 612 B.C.E.
18. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon was built by _________________________.
19. The Chaldeans formed the basis of what we call ______________________.
20. The last of the great ancient Middle Eastern empires was _______________.
21. The Persians built _________ to allow traders and troops to move more quickly.
22. By 3500 B.C.E. farmers in Mesopotamia were benefiting from agriculture,
pottery and tool production. How many years ago was this?
23. _________________ invaded and finally conquered the Persian Empire in 330
24. Of anywhere in the world, what would be your dream vacation? Why?
25. What civilization intrigued you the most? Why? (4-5 sentences worth 6 points)