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Mesopotamia Study Guide
One reason Hammurabi developed his code was to –
What did the Assyrians learn from the Hittites?
_____________ is a set of laws written down in a clear
and orderly way.
What is a scribe?
_____________ is an important belief.
_____________ means governed under a single
_____________ are carts drawn by horses and used to
carry soldiers in battle.
After Medes conquered the Assyrian Empire, what city
became the center of civilization in Mesopotamia?
Which civilization’s innovations included a system of
What innovation did the Sumerian farmers use to control
river flooding?
Which group of people controlled an empire first:
What led Sumerians to develop a writing system?
About how many years after the Assyrian Empire formed
did the Neo-Babylonian Empire begin?
The lowest class in Sumerian society was made up of
What type of government did the Mesopotamians have?
Sargon is known for –
What text feature do we use to find our vocabulary words
in our SS book?
Which best describes the system of taxation the kings of
Babylon created?
If we want to find more information on a specific
Mesopotamian king, where could we look in our book?
The Kassites conquered Babylon by –