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05-Study Guide
First 2 years - Biosocial Development
#1-Discuss the effect of head sparing on a malnourished child.
#2-Discuss the concept of REM sleep, and how it varies between newborns and
#3-Discuss and describe the neurons and neurotransmitters in the central nervous
system, along with transient exuberance and pruning of these.
#4-Discuss the brainstem, cortex, and the prefrontal cortex in brain; elaborating on
what each of these do.
#5-Discuss the fusiform base area in the brain and how this can affect our
perception of race.
#6-Discuss the difference between expectant experience brain functions and
experience dependent brain functions.
#7-Discuss the damages involved in the shaken baby syndrome.
#8-Discuss sensation, perception, and cognition indicating what each of these are
and how they allow us to react to what is around us.
#9-Discuss gross motor skills and fine motor skills, giving examples of each.
#10-Discuss childhood immunizations (vaccinations), and discuss the risk of the
disease as related to the risk from the immunization.
#11-Discuss why breast-feeding may be best, and the difference between colostrum
and the milk itself.