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Balanced Activity and Nutrition
Instructor Janne Maier, M.S.
Let’s Move
• We’ll circle the building inside or out
No-Fat Milk
• Fat removed by centrifuge
– Fortified with A and D
– Milk is all sugar, like soda pop
• Conflicting research regarding health of no-fat
Omega 3 and 6 Balance
• 6 from plant oil (corn soybean and sunflower)
nuts and seeds
– Plant oils used heavily in western diet
• 3 from fatty fish walnuts and flax seeds
– Most diets deficient in O-3
– Harm at 10:1 ratio
• Most western diet around 16:1 ratio
Vitamin D
• Supplements may help MS
• Need increases with age
• Best source is sun exposure
– Use sunblock wisely
– Best dietary source is non-vegetarian
• Body fat acts as vitamin D sink
What’s Suppose to be on the Label
– Product identity and net content
– Nutrition facts and Ingredients
– Name and address of responsible company and
country of origin if imported
• What are they not telling us?
– Some of above requirements are ignored
– Processing and additives
Know Your Food
• Nutrition facts based on 2000 calorie diet
Serving Size
• Pay attention to how big this is !
Portion estimate guide
¼ cup
= golf ball
½ cup
= tennis ball
1 cup
= small fist
= match box
4 oz fish
= eyeglass case
3 oz cooked meat = deck of playing cards
1 teaspoon
= tip of thumb
1 table spoon
= 3teaspoons
8 fl oz
= 1cup
What’s on the Panel
• Unsaturated, poly and mono
– No reporting requirements
– Must report fat and other nutrients
with adverse affects to health
• Sugar definition
– Both naturally present
• Lactose, fructose, sucrose
– And added during processing
• Sugar/sucrose, (high fructose) corn
syrup, honey, fruit juice concentrate,
Fat Distribution
• Look beyond total fat
– Is the fat saturated
– Mono or poly unsaturated
– Look to label for trans-fat
• All fat reported in 0.5 gram increments
• If aiming to loose weight or sedentary cut back fat
– 9 calories per gram even if it’s a “good” fat
• For active weight maintenance
– Mixed fat profile, slow source of energy
• No matter your goals- avoid trans fat
Carbohydrate Characteristics
• No added sugar, but still lots of sugar !
– Sugar sneaks in lots of “empty” calories
• Ratio of carbs to sugar
– 1 sugar serving is 4 grams
– If product has more per serving- avoid or use
• Fiber
– Should be a major carbohydrate source
– 25 grams/day for women, 38 grams/day for men
Squats are excellent for building leg
Standing hamstring and
glute exercises work both
legs and core strength
Your Are What Eat
How to Read the List
• Listed in order of quantity
– Most/heaviest is first
• Different sugar names
– Syrups, nectar, dehydrated cane juice
• Different salt names
– Sodium nitrite, sodium benzoate, monosodium
• Hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated fat
Food Additives and You
• Preservatives and artificial flavors and colors
– Staple in processed market foods
– Interact with digestive system even if calorie free
– Some have been linked to cancer and addiction
• Especially some colors like blue
• Non-specific designations
– Flavors, spices
– Artificial flavors and color
How Sweet It Is?
• Example: the artificial sweetener aspartame is
200 times sweeter than sugar
– Made of methanol, phenylalanine, and aspartic acid
– Temperature above 86 degrees F methanol changes
to formaldehyde and then to formic acid
– Toxic and may alter brain neurochemistry
• Generally avoid non-caloric sweeteners
– Artificial or otherwise
White and Biologically Addicting
• White flour, sugar, and cocaine
– Extracted, whitened, and purified
– All highly processed
• White flour and sugar spike blood sugar
– Effect similar to using coke and very addicting
– Decrease intake slowly
• Find less processed substitutes
– Coconut sugar, honey, almond or walnut flour
– Add fiber to slow recurrent hunger
Which Sugar is What
• Monosaccharides
– Glucose (dextrose), fructose, galactose
• Disaccharides (sugar, honey, syrups)
– Sucrose (sugar) glucose and fructose together
– Maltose is two glucose
– Lactose is galactose and glucose
• Oligosaccharides
– 3-9 monosaccharides
– Found in many vegetables
– Undigested portion feeds gut flora
I Wouldn’t Want to Cheat You of
Push Ups
And some lounges and leg stretches
Examine Your Food
• Lets look at the foods you brought
– Fat and carb distribution
– Calculate ratios
Google images or /Honey or /Malt
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