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What is S.N.A.G?
• Schools Nutritional
Action Group
• Our aim is to promote
healthy eating and
nutrition for all pupils in
St Mary's.
Niamh Brady
Miss J. Morgan
Health Co-Ordinator
Steering Group
Orlaith Bagnall
Laura Hillen
(Vice Chairperson)
Rachel Kearney
A Balanced Diet?
A healthy diet is one that is balanced. This means eating the right
amount of food for how active you are, and eating a range of food
from main food groups. Including;
• Carbohydrates
• Protein
• Fruit and vegetables
• Milk and dairy foods
• Fat
Did you Know?....
If you were to eat
a packet of crisps
a day- That's 5
litres of cooking
oil in a year!
A bag of Jelly
babies contains 60
cubes of sugar!
A Petit Fiolus
yogurt has 6
teaspoons of sugar
in it!!!!
Shocking Facts
• In one can of coke
there is 7 teaspoons
of sugar
• In a Mars bar there is
11 tea spoons of
• Sugar rots our teeth
Did you know?
If you don’t eat any food all day your body
stores all the fat and eats the muscle.
This makes you weak and actually causes
weight gain rather than loss
The Canteen
• The canteen can only serve
meat four times a week.
• Chips twice a week.
• Cannot serve ribena or any
other high sugar content
• Spaghetti hoops are no
longer allowed because of
how much sugar they contain.
How Can you get involved?
• You can answer the survey on VLE.
• Give suggestions on what you think should