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Feb. 2, 2012
Warm Up
1. Take out Journal
2. Study equation for
photosynthesis, be able to write
and explain each part.
 Photosynthesis: CO2 + Water -->
Sugar + O2
 Photosynthesis is the production of sugar
(stored energy) and oxygen using energy
from the sun to combine carbon dioxide and
 CO2 is brought into plants and O2 is released
from plants through pores (stomata) in their
leaves and other tissues.
 Respiration: Sugar + O2 --> CO2 +
Water + E
 Respiration is the burning of sugar in the
presence of oxygen to release energy stored
in the sugar and produces carbon dioxide
and water as by-products.
 Transpiration: Loss of water out of
stomata (pores) of plants during gas
exchange (O2 and CO2) while
photosynthesizing and respiring.
 Teacher hand out Plant Processes
 Read over as a group
 Teacher hand out Plant Antics
 Students make foldable to list correct
step under the correct process