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Did you know that protein drinks can help stabilize and regulate your blood sugar
levels? The most effective way to start is with a protein shake for breakfast.
When your blood sugar levels are stable, your metabolism is at its peak, you feel
satisfied (full) and your brain has what it needs to keep you and your body on your
toes. When your blood sugar levels aren't stable, your body goes into overdrive to fix
the problem.
When blood sugar is too high, your body rushes to store blood sugar as fat, leaving
your blood sugar low. Then when blood sugar is too low, your brain goes into
starvation mode and so do you; all you can think about is food and all your body can
"think" about is getting enough sugar (glucose) to the brain and storing whatever
extra it gets as fat. And when everything is being stored as fat instead of used as
energy, it's really hard to lose weight.
How does the protein in protein shakes stabilise blood sugar levels?
Unstable blood sugar levels usually happen when you eat too many carbs without
eating anything else. If carbs are all you have in your system, the carbs are quickly
converted to glucose and you get a "sugar rush." This is intensified in the morning
when you haven't eaten for hours. But if you eat protein (as found in whey protein
shakes) and good fats (like chia seeds or nuts) with your carbs, the conversion of
carbs to glucose is slowed down and blood sugar levels remain stable.
The Ideal Breakfast Shake contains a perfect blend of high quality whey, chia
seeds, probiotics and Superfoods.
The Ideal Whey to Start Your Day
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