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• Plants are part of a system in which cooperation
is essential is order for the plant to survive.
• Sunlight, Air, Temperature, and Water are all
necessary variables for plant survival, and if one
is absent the plant will not survive
• Plant parts work together. The roots absorb
water, the stems conduct it, so the leaves can use
it to make food, which the stems conduct back
to the roots for storage.
• The law of cooperation can be seen in that if a
particular part of the system does not fulfill its
role the plant will not survive.
• Photosynthesis
• A process by which a plant produces its food
using energy from sunlight, carbon dioxide from
the air, and water from the soil.
• Photosynthesis is how plants use light and water
to make sugar. Sugar is created in the green parts
of a plant and every animal on earth depends on
• Without plants we would have no food to eat or
oxygen to breath. Here is a picture to show how
it happens.
• Plants absorb a common gas called carbon
dioxide, pull water up through their roots and
use light to make sugar. Plants use the sugar to
grow. Plants give off oxygen as a by-product.
The green parts of the plant makes the sugar
and oxygen.
• Carbon dioxide + water + sunlight = sugar +
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