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The Beginning of Christianity
• To keep peace the Romans allowed people in
their provinces to practice different religions
• At first Jews were not required to worship
Roman gods because Rome didn’t want to
violate the Jewish belief in one god.
• Eventually the Jews revolted against Rome.
• The Romans sacked the Holy City of Jerusalem
and the destroyed all but the western wall of
the second temple.
Wailing Wall
The Beginning of Christianity
• Today the western wall is known as the
Wailing Wall
• Hadrian banned all Jews from the Holy
City of Jerusalem
• They still carried on the their Jewish
faith and culture
• Christianity arose. Founded by the
followers of the Jewish teacher Jesus of
The Teachings of Jesus
• Began teaching around 2,000 years ago
• Wandered the countryside with his disciples.
• His life and teachings are recorded in the
Gospels of: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
• Make of the first four books of the New
Testament of the Christian Bible.
• Jesus taught that there was only one true god.
The death of Jesus
• The Romans feared the Jesus would lead an
• Jesus was arrested and put on trial before
Pontius Pilate the Roman governor.
• Jesus was crucified: nailed or hung on a cross
and left to die.
• According to the Gospels Jesus arose from the
dead and remained on earth for 40 days.
The spread of Christianity
• The disciples spread the Jesus’ message and
helped establish Christian communities
• Christianity accepted everyone
• Many Christians became martyrs: they were put
to death for their beliefs . The Roman efforts
failed to stop the spread of Christianity.
• Eventually Roman law accepted Christianity as a