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Abrahamic Religions Test Review
Whom do the Hebrews claim as their ancestor?
The Torah is the first part of what book?
What is the Resurrection?
What is the Trinity?
Jewish religious leaders are called what?
What are the Gospels?
What do Jews consider the holiest day of the entire year?
According to the Bible, where was Jesus was born?
According to the Bible, what did God promised Abraham?
What is the concept of Righteousness?
How was Jesus killed?
What does the holiday of Hanukkah celebrate?
Many people believe that Jesus was the Messiah; what does this mean?
Jesus feeding a huge crowd with a small amount of food is an example of what?
Why are there many Christian denominations?
What is the major difference between Christianity and Judaism?
What was the most important difference between Muhammad's teachings and the beliefs of
other Arabs?
18. Which of the following is an Islamic belief?
19. What is a central teaching of the Qur'an?
20. Muslims believe that fasting does what?
21. What is a hajj?
22. How did Islam changed from an Arab religion into a multicultural religion?
23. Why did Muslim calligraphy most likely developed into a fine art form?
Define the following:
24. Talmud
25. mosque
26. Ten Commandments
27. disciples
28. pilgrimage
29. What historical event may account for the Jewish distribution map shown above? Explain your
30. What is Ramadan, and what do Muslims do to show that it is important?
31. What do Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have in common?
32. List the three Abrahamic religions in order, include the holy book, main symbol, and religious
leader for each. (There are two people you can list for Judaism.)
33. Identify the five pillars of Islam.