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Happy Friday!!!
 Take
out your class contract I need to collect
 We
are going to present our puzzle pieces to the
class so we can get to know each other!
 Did
you know: In some smaller towns in Arizona, it
is illegal to wear suspenders
What is Sociology anyways?
Isn’t it just common sense??
September 11, 2001,
Americans became more patriotic”
Some Americas are more or less
likely than others to proclaim
extreme pride in their country….but
Lets start at the beginning….
Science: The study of the social
features of humans and the ways in which
they interact and change
Divisions of Social Science:
Political Science
How did Sociology emerge?
have been trying to figure out how social
life works since ancient times
Sociology as a science emerged in the 1800s
social and political changes bc of Industrial
Rapid growth of urban populations= social problems
Focus on liberty and individual rights in political
Attempts to prove beliefs through observations and
So again, What is Sociology?
The scientific study of
social behavior and human groups
Focuses on social relationships
How those relationships influence
people’s behavior
How societies develop and change
The Sociological Perspective
view of the world that helps you gain a
new perception of social life
Helps you see that all people are social
Tells you behavior is influenced by social
Helps your broaden your understanding of
Helps you find and accept balance
Social Imagination
awareness of the relationship between
an individual and the wider society, both
today and in the past
Key element: Gives us the ability to view
one’s own society as a outsider would,
rather than only from the perspective of
personal experiences and cultural biases
2 major questions we ask
basic questions that sociologists
ask about human behavior:
(1) the descriptive question (i.e.,
What do people do?)
(2) the explanatory question (i.e.,
Why do people do what they do?
Let’s try something
6 reasons why someone might
seriously consider suicide
For your 6 reasons…
me the feelings that go along
with each reason
other words: what feelings would
such a person experience that would lead
him or her to consider suicide
Look at your list of feelings
are they alike?
What “theory” can we create to
explain why people commit suicide?
“The Unhappiness Theory”
commit suicide because they
are seriously, chronically, and
profoundly unhappy”
example of an individualistic (or nonsociological) explanation
Why is the rate of suicide
higher in Oregon than it is in
New York
What factors did you list?
are they similar?
The difference between the
thinking considers
external factors
non-sociological (or individualistic)
consider internal factors