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Sponges and
• Sponges are primitive, sessile,
waterdwelling filter feeders that pump
water through their bodies to filter out
bacteria and protists.
• Sponges can reproduce sexually and
• Cnidarians are animals that have stinging
cells and take their food into a hollow
central cavity.
• Cniderians have two basic body forms,
polyps and medusas.
• Medusa forms are free floating, jelly-like
and often umbrella shaped.
• Polyps are usually attached to an object
and tube-shaped.
Cniderians use their stinging cells to inject
venom into their prey…
…then use their tentacles to pull the prey
to their mouths.
• Corals are the cniderian responsible for
coral reefs. They find a hard substance to
attach to and then build a hard skeleton
around their soft bodies. They can
reproduce rapidly.
• The Great Barrier Reef is over 2000 km