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November 15, 2011
Sponges and Cnidarians
Characteristics of Sponges
• Sessile - cannot move, are attached to one place.
• Filter Feeders – take out tiny organisms and oxygen from the water as it
passes over the sponge.
• Flagella– thin, whiplike structures that help move water over the
• Have soft bodies that are supported by sharp, needle like structures.
• Bodies are asymmetrical
Characteristics of Cnidarians
• Have tentacles that surround their mouth to catch food and for
• Tentacles have stinging cells on them.
• Get Oxygen from water passing over body.
• All have radial symmetry
2 Body Forms of Cnidarians
1) Polyp – vase shaped body, attached to ground
*example – sea urchin and sea anemones
2) Medusa– bell shaped body, free swimming
*example – jellyfish