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Learning Targets
can demonstrate my
understanding of natural
selection and evolution by
creating a new species
Create a Species Project
Environmental change drives
natural selection. New traits are
selected to increase the chances
of survival of the species. These
selected traits can accumulate
over time to create a new species.
This new species will have new
adaptations suited to help it
survive in its changed habitat.
For this project you need to…
Describe a species of today and the habitat
that it lives in
Create an environmental change significant
enough to change this habitat & cause the
species to adapt
Describe the new habitat after the
environmental change
Create a new species that evolved
because of the environmental change
Describe in detail how the species adapted
to successfully survive in the new habitat
Goals for Today
• Spend
about 10 minutes browsing
and gathering ideas
• Decide
• Share
• Work
on species to create
365 document
on research/sketch