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1. What is biodiversity?
2. the variety of life in an area
2. 3 types of diversity
3. genetic diversity
4. the variety of genes available to a
3. species diversity
4. the number of different species in an
3. ecosystem diversity
4. the variety of ecosystems that are
1. What are some threats to biodiversity?
2. extinction
3. entire species disappear or die out of a
2. overexploitation
3. an excessive use of a species that have
4. example – white rhinos
2. habitat loss
3. a habitat can be destroyed or disrupted
4. example – clearing of rainforests for
2. fragmentation of habitat
3. habitats are cut into smaller sections by
man made things
4. example – building of roads
2. pollution
3. changes composition of air, soil and
3. these things enter food webs
4. example - pesticides
2. introduced species
3. nonnative species that are transported
to a new habitat
3. reproduce in large numbers because of
the lack of predators
4. example – fire ants