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Environmental Problems
Potential to damage the Earth’s
diverse habitats which can lead to
the extinction of species
 Presence
of dangerous levels of substances in the
Types of Pollution
 Solid
waste (garbage) especially hazardous
 Chemical waste – pesticides,
chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), PCBs used in
appliances and paints
 Radioactive wastes – nuclear power plants
Resource Depletion
up or depleting natural resources
-Renewable: used over and over (fresh
water, solar energy, some trees)
-Non-renewable – cannot be replaced or
takes a long time to renew (oil, coal,
Renewable can become nonrenewable
rain forest – loss of habitat
Rich soil – takes thousand of year per
centimeter to form, washed away in less
than year.
Ground water – more drawn out than
replaced naturally
Depletion due to Alien Species
of species not native to area
Drive out native species
Depletion due to overpopulation
population doubling every few
5.2 billion in 1900 – project 14 billion
by 2100
Habitat Destruction
 Impacts
biodiversity (variety of life)
 Deforestation – clearing of forests which leads to
habitat loss.
 Wetland destruction – loss of flooding control and
 Marine habitat – man-made disasters such as oil
spills, pollution