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The above painting represents a cultural mindset that drove
America for years. What cultural movement does this
painting depict? Explain.
History of the
United states
The story begins…
• Original settlers arrived 14,000 years ago
• Came over on land bridges that connected
Alaska and Asia
• Spanish arrived 500 years ago, claimed
land from California to Florida.
• English soon followed and established
settlements along the eastern sea board.
Colonial history
• British dominated influence in North
• Development of regional economies
– The North was an industrial center
– The South thrived on agriculture
• The colonies enjoyed fluent trade with
England, France, Spain, and other
Colonial history
• Seven Year’s War
• British Navigation Acts
• Great Awakening
– Rev. George Whitefield
– John Wesley
Colonial history
• Pre-1760s—Autonomy
– Salutary Neglect
• Outside Pressure
– Post Imperial assertiveness of British
– Enforcement of the trade regulations—driven by
a need for money in Great Britain
– Proclamation of 1763—closed western frontier
– British still don’t have enough money—collect
direct tax from the colonies
Colonial history
“Anyone who does
not agree with
me, is a traitor
and a scoundrel.”
-George III
Show movie clip of “The patriot”
American Revolution
• In which the Thirteen Colonies that
became the United States of America
gained independence from the British
• The Colonies united against the British
Empire and entered a period of armed
conflict known as the Revolutionary War or
as the American War of Independence,
between 1775 and 1783.
Declaration of Independence
• On the battlefield circa
• The unanimous
Declaration of the
thirteen United States
of America and written
chiefly by Thomas
Jefferson, explained the
justifications for
separation from the
British crown
Colonial history
Why was it so important
for settlers to establish a
leader like George
Independence & westward expansion
• American Government
– Democracy
– Representative Republic
– Federal System
• Pull Factors
• Problems with Native Americans
Manifest destiny
• Phrase that expressed
the belief that the
United States had a
mission to expand
across North America,
spreading its democracy
and freedom.
• Never a political policy,
considered a general
Economic development
• Economic stratification
• Growth of the Slave Trade
– Eli Whitney and the Cotton Gin
– King Cotton
• Civil War
The 1900s
Transcontinental Railroad—1869
World War I
The Great Depression
World War II
The Cold War
World Wars propaganda!