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Road to Revolution
• Political, Economic, Ideological Impact of
French & Indian War
• Chronological Sequence of Specific British
Legislation to end Salutary Neglect
• Specific Perceived Threats British
Legislation Posed to Colonial Rights
• Colonial Reactions to British Legislation
With an Emphasis on Organization & Unity
Revolutionary War
Divisions Within Colonial Society
Strengths & Weaknesses of Each Side
Critical Battles/Incidents
Social Change Brought About by the
Revolution on African Americans, Women,
& Indians
The Critical Period
• Political Changes Within State Governments
• Economic Changes Brought About by Removal
of Colonies from Mercantilist System
• Successes & Failures of the Articles of
• Degree Which Constitution Successfully
Addressed Weaknesses of Articles
• Justification For & Opposition to the Ratification
of Constitution