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Treaty that gave the United
States access to some American
Indian lands in the Northwest
Territory and guaranteed safe
travel for U.S. citizens.
Treaty of Greenville
Action or decision that later
serves as an example.
Protests by small farmers in
Pennsylvania against new taxes
on whiskey and other alcohol.
Whiskey Rebellion
Groups that organize to help
elect government officials and
to influence government
Political parties
Laws that made it illegal to
communicate in any way false
or hostile words against the
U.S. government or its policies.
Alien & Sedition
Resolutions that stated that the
Alien and Sedition Acts were
unconstitutional because they went
beyond the powers granted to the
federal government and interfered
with the powers of the state
Virginia & Kentucky
Political party that wanted to
strengthen the federal
government and to promote
industry and trade.
Federalist Party
Amount of money owed by a
country to its lenders.
National debt
Battle between U.S. troops and
an American Indian
confederation resisting white
settlement in the Northwest
Battle of Fallen
Statement made by President
George Washington that the
United States would not side
with any of the nations at war
in Europe following the French
Neutrality Proclamation
Treaty between the United
States and Spain by which the
border of Spanish Florida
changed and U.S. ships got to
use the port of New Orleans.
Pinckney’s Treaty
Certificates that represent
money owed to private
citizens by government.
Private ships authorized by a
nation to attack its enemies.
Legislation passed by Congress
that created the federal court
Judiciary Act
Constitutional amendment that
created a separate ballot for
president and vice president.
Twelfth Amendment