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Chapter 9 Lesson 2‐ Early Challenges Standard 8.35‐ Analyze the major events of George Washington’s presidency, including Pickney’s Treaty, Jay’s Treaty, Whiskey Rebellion, and precedents set in the Farwell Address *In partners, complete the guided reading sheets.
Trouble in the New Nation • The new American government faced several Whiskey challenges. An armed protest called the (1) _______ _________ involved violent attacks on government Rebellion officials and destruction of property. Although President Washington signed treaties with the (2) Native Americans _______________ , fighting broke out between certain groups and settlers in the West. General (3) Arthur St Clair _______________ gained a decisive victory over Fallen Native Americans in 1794 at the Battle of (4) ______ Timbers _______.As a result, the United States acquired most of the land in present‐day Ohio in the Treaty of Greenville
(5) __________ 1795. George Washington's Second Inauguration
Problems with Europe 1) What did the United States strive to maintain in European conflicts? ‐They hoped to stay neutral and not take either side. 2) The British used the common practice of impressment to do what? ‐They seized people against their will and forced them to serve in their military in hopes to challenge the US’ desire for neutrailty.
Problems with Europe 3) What was the result of Jay’s Treaty? ‐ John Jay was sent to negotiate on the behalf of the US against Britain. British agreed to withdraw from American soil. There was no mention of impressment or British interference with American Trade 4) What did Pickney’s Treaty provide for Americans? ‐It gave Americans free navigation of the Mississippi River and the right to trade at New Orleans.
Washington’s Farewell Address 5) What were two main issues George Washington spoke about in his farewell address? ‐ To steer clear of permanent alliances (with other nations) ‐ He also warned against the threat of political parties