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National Debt and Bonds
After the Revolutionary War, the
United States was in debt with
foreign countries and its own
 The govt. proposed that people
buy bonds & they would get their
money plus interest back
States’ Debts and Moving the Capital
Hamilton wanted the
government to pay
21.5 million of this
state debt
 Southern officials
wanted to change the
location of the
nation’s capital
Hamilton’s Plan, National Bank
Alexander Hamilton
wanted to create a US
National Bank.
 The other states
wanted to help by
building even more
Banks with no
The Neutrality Proclamation
The French wanted a
government like the
United States.
 The United States
Stayed Neutral.
The Whiskey Rebellion Crushed
The Whiskey
Rebellion was when
farmers lashed out
against a tax on
 Washington
personally led the
army against the
rebels, who where
quickly crushed.
Washington Says Farewell
Washington worried
about growing
political conflicts
within the nation
 He warned against
forming permanent
ties with other
countries because
choosing sides could
draw the U.S. into
The Alien and Sedition Acts
Alien Acts- Could expel foreigners for looking
suspicious- Made to weaken the Republican
 Sedition Acts- silenced govt. criticism
Embargo and Non-Intercourse Acts
The violations of
neutrality was when
British and French
navies impressed U.S.
 The embargo act banned trade with all
Call for War, The War Hawks
War Hawks were for the war against Britain
and New England Federalists opposed the war.
 The War Hawks won the vote, starting war of