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The Different Jobs of Cells
Discuss how different cells have
different jobs
Explain the differences among
tissues, organs, and organ
Cell Organization
Cells are organized into systems that, together,
perform functions that keep the organs healthy
and alive.
Tissues: groups of similar cells that do the same
sort of work
Ex: Skin cells make up skin tissue
Organs and Organ Systems
Organs: different types of tissues working
Organ systems: a group of organs working
together to do a certain job.
Fat cells can store so much fat that the
nucleus gets pushed against the cell
Bone Cells are surrounded by a hard
substance made of calcium and
Nerve cells are long and have many
branches. This allows them to receive
and deliver messages quickly.
Muscle cells are usually long and have
many fibers that can contract and relax.
Skin cells are mostly flat and close
together. They form a protective layer
for your body.
Types of Plant Cells
• Plants have different types of cells in
their leaves, roots and stems.
• How does the shape of each type of cell
affect their job?
– Look on page 46 to answer the questions