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Student Learning Log
Unit: Cells, Tissues, Organs & Organ Systems
For each criteria record: Just Starting (S)
Learning Goals
To understand
cells of plants and
B2.3, 2.4
Name: ___________________________
Making Progress (M)
Success Criteria
I can draw a plant and animal cell and label organelles
I can identify a plant and animal cell under a microscope
I can identify differences between a plant and animal cell
I can describe the cell cycle in plants and animals
I can identify the stages of mitosis from biological
drawings and under the microscope
I can explain the importance of cell division and
specialization for tissues
I can explain the importance of cell division and
specialization for organs
I can compare and explain the rate of cell division in
cancer cells and normal cells
To understand the
process of cell
B2.2, 2.5, 3.1, 3.2
To understand
organ systems
and how they are
B2.6, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5
I can describe the functions of different systems in
animals and plants
I can explain how specialized cells, tissues and organs
are linked to perform specific functions
I can explain how different animal systems work together
for an organism’s survival
I can explain how different plant systems work together
for survival
I can identify animal organs and explain their
relationship through a dissection of a worm
To understand
diseases related
to plant and
animal systems
I can describe one disease of a human or plant organ
Got It (G)
To understand
terms related to
cells, tissues,
organs and organ
I can define and use all of the key terms in our glossary