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430 Years later….
•The Hebrew speaking descendants of Jacob and his sons
settled in Egypt
•This group of people are often called Israelites because
of how Jacob was given the name of Israel after wrestling
with God
•God promised (as part of the covenant) to deliver the
Hebrews / Israelites from slavery in Egypt
•He promised his would led them to the fertile land of
•The Hebrews settled in Egypt but as time wore on
Joseph and his deeds were forgotten
•They were made slaves and the Egyptians
feared because there were so many Hebrew
Israelites they may take over
•Pharaoh ordered all first born male babies to
be murdered
•One mother hid her son in a water proof
basket and he floated down the Nile River
•He was saved by an Egyptian princess
•Grew up as an Egyptian Royal (Moses)
•After killing a foreman who was cruel to the Israelites,
Moses fled
•He went into hiding
•After 80 years God spoke to Moses through a burning
•He ordered Moses to go back to Egypt and free the
slaves (Hebrews)
•He and his brother Aaron confronted the Pharaoh and
asked him to free the slaves
•Pharaoh laughed
•God sent 10 plagues and he told Moses who warned the
Nile River turned into Blood. The Nile River
was the centre of life for the Egyptians. It was
were the Egyptians traded and made their
Flies (Remember they had no screens of fly sprays back then!)
Plague that killed the livestock
Boils on people and their bodies
Hailstones that destroyed crops and a series of storms
Locusts that ate everything that was left
3 dark days
Moses gave the Pharaoh
a chance to free the slaves
but he refused…
•Last plague was to kill all Egyptian new
born males
•Israelites had faith in God and prepared
to be saved
•They sacrificed a lamb (One year old
•Lambs blood was placed on the doorposts
•The Israelites prepared for the journey
•They shared a meal
including unleavened bread
•Approx. 600, 000 people
left on their journey for the
promised land
•They Pharaoh changed his mind at
the last moment and sent his
Egyptian army to chase the slaves
•Moses, with God’s guidance, parted
the Red Sea or Sea of Reeds
•The water closed as the Egyptian
army entered the Red Sea
Israelites wondered for 40
years in the desert
until they reached the
promised land of Canaan
They ate manna bread
•Moses was called by God to the top of Mt. Sinai
were God revealed his name
•He used the Hebrew name YHWH or Yahweh
•This is Hebrew meaning “to be”
•On Mt. Sinai God revealed his laws as part of
the covenant
•Each law was written on a stone tablet
•10 commandments
•Most importantly as part of the covenant is
Respect one God
•God instructed Moses to build a tent
like structure or tabernacle
•This would serve as a place of
worship for the wondering Israelites
•God could “dwell in their midst”
•Materials included: goat skin, gold,
silver, bronze, wood
•Inside the tabernacle was the ark of
the Covenant
•Special box
•Constructed under God’s orders
•Carried out and built by the wondering Israelites
•Eventually to be kept in the Jerusalem Temple when
the people had their land
•Ark was a symbol for the throne of God
•Visible reminder of God’s power
•Contained the stone tablets that Moses wrote the
commandments on
•In front was a veil and candelabra
•There was an altar to burn offerings
•All these stories take place in the first five
books of the Bible
•We call these first five books the Torah or
•These books tell of the covenant and reveal
the laws and family tree of Abraham and his
•There was 613 Jewish commandments in
the Torah
•365 are “don’t do”
•The rest tell us “do this”
•The laws included
•How to prepare offerings
•Ethical laws on how to behave
•Rituals and food preparation
•Ways to serve God