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My Top 10 Favorite Things To Do
By: Insatiable Burke
My Favorite Subject
World History
In world history we learn everything From wars,Crusades And Ancient times
My world History Teacher Is Ms. Wirth
I think World History Is Going To Help Me Become Started In My Dream Job Of
My favorite Athlete
• Peyton Manning
• Peyton Manning
Plays For The
Indianapolis Colts
• They Play In The
Lucas Oil Stadium.
• There Last Recent
Super Bowl They Won
Was In 2007
My Favorite Place To Shop
Abercrombie was Founded In
There Stores Are World Wide
But Are Most Popular In
I Love The Shirts
My Favorite Snack
Butter Pecan Ice Cream
It Has Vanilla Nut’s And Special Vanilla IceCream
My Favorite Company That Makes This Ice
Cream Is Turkey Hill
My Favorite Shoes
• Converse All Star
Chuck Taylor
• Chuck Taylor's Come
In Many Shapes And
• They Were The First
Basketball Shoes
• There Original Colors
Are Black And White
My Favorite Band
• Paramore
• Paramore Performed On
The Twilight Sound Track
• They Are Led By Singer
Hayley Williams
• They Are Getting More
Famous and will Soon Be
Higher Than Any Band In
The United States
My Favorite Car
Mustangs Are made By Ford.
They Are Sports Cars
They Come In Many Colors
Including Black And White
They Drive Very Fast
My Favorite Book
Twilight was made by Stephinie
The Main Character, Edward Is A
This Is Considered To Be A horror
The Book Was Made into A Movie
In 2008
My Favorite Musical
Grease Was Made In 1971 By Jim Jacobs and
Warren Casey
This Musical was Created To Create A First
Image of Rock And Roll