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COMP 1- Microsoft Word & PowerPoint Final Examination
PowerPoint Final Exam
This is a PowerPoint Presentation that describes you, your family, and anything
else you want to tell about yourself. Your grade will be determined by the
neatness of your presentation, correct spelling and grammar, and by meeting
all the requirements for the presentation.
You must have a title slide and a conclusion slide. There must be at least 15
body slides. This means your presentation must have a minimum of 17 slides in
total. You may use more if you want. Do not exceed a maximum of 30 slides.
• You should apply a theme to your presentation. Choose one that you like.
• Use several different slide layouts throughout your presentation.
• Add clip art and/or pictures to some of your slides. Be conservative with this
because too much can make the presentation look bad.
When creating your presentation, remember the Rules of Seven.
Slides will be set automatically advance. Max length is 2 minutes.
Approved sounds or background music is optional.
Transitions and Animations should be used to compliment your work.
Font – change from standard/default. Font Size – 24 pts or Larger
Submit it using this File Name: FinalExam-LastName-FirstName-CourseYearSection
(Example: FinalExam-Pagay-MaryJane-BSHM1A)
Here are some ideas of things to include in your presentation. You may use
items from this list and/or use items of your own. You are not limited to the list
• About you: your name, age,
birthday, birthplace, etc.
About your family: mom, dad,
brothers and sisters.
Pets you have
Your hobbies
School subjects and activities
Your role models
Your favorite foods
Your favorite things to do when
not at school
Your best friends
• Your favorite music groups or
• Your favorite songs
• Your favorite movies
• Favorite sports
• Favorite colors
• Things you like about school:
favorite subjects, etc.
Things you don’t like about s