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The Lightning Thief is a great book. It is great if you’re into
Greek mythology. Zeus, (the god of gods) wanted his lightning
bolt back; because he thought Percy (the son of Poseidon) stole
it, but Percy didn’t have it. The main and coolest character in
the story is Percy Jackson. The setting took place in a school,
in camp half-blood, in the St. Louis arch, in water, and in the
underworld. The theme (lesson) is being careful how you pick
your friends. My favorite parts are when he kills the mighty
Minotaur (bad creature of myth), and my second favorite is
when he goes to heaven. The reason this is my favorite book
is my favorite book is because it has so much action, and
things that go on in one book. If you like this book a lot you
might want to check out the whole series. There a lot of
interesting creatures in this book. All the cabins are based on
what god/goddess your mother/father is. The author did
really well at making that image in your mind on what it looks
like. There in this book was a underworld, and a haven.