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• Hello,my name is Iris Gadsden. I am 14 years
old in the 9th grade at Brookland-Cayce High
School in West Columbia. My interest are the
fine arts and spending time with family and
friends.In spare time I like to watch tv,read
nonfiction, or hang out with my best friends.
Well, thats all for now,hope to talk to you
Hello, my name is Libby Mathias, and I am
14 years old. I am a freshman at BrooklandCayce High School. I live in West Columbia,
South Carolina. I play on my school tennis
team and other recreational leagues. I like to
go to the high school football games and the
movies with my friends. I also like to go to
the lake and tube. I absolutely love to go
shopping for clothes at the mall. I love Coach
purses. Every Sunday and Wednesday, I go to
my church for youth. We hang out and have a
lot of fun. I like to take vacations at the beach
and in the mountains. I also like to text my
friends. I look forward to the
Wimbledon tournament every year. My
favorite types of music are Country and
Christian. Talk to you soon!
ur Friend,
Libby Mathias
• Hi! My name is Crystal Connor. I
am an only child. Do you have any
siblings? I am fourteen years old
and in the ninth grade at
Brookland Cayce highschool. I
have seven classes everyday for
the whole school year. How many
classes do you have each day? I
am on the school's swim team
and cross country (running) team.
Also, I am part of FCA which is a
club for Christian athletes.
Outside of school, I am in a local
choir and I take piano lessons.
Other than that, I love to hang
out with my friends, listen to
music, and just talk.
• Hello my name is Maggie Claytor. How are
you? I am 15 years old and go to BrooklandCayce High School. I enjoy hanging around with
friends and learning new things. I have a brother
that is a freshman in collage and I live with my
mom, dad, and puppy Scout. I would love to
travel the world someday.
Maggie Claytor
• Hello my name is Jackson Wilkinson, I am 14
years old, and I like to play sports like baseball,
football, and basketball. I live in Columbia,
South Carolina, and I go to Brookland Cayce
High school. I enjoy spending time with my
friends, and playing my xbox. I love to eat, my
favorite food is pizza and cheeseburgers, and
my favorite drink is mountain dew,and sweet
tea. I have 2 dogs named trixie and tebow.
• Hello Mrs. Tucker. As You Are Aware, I'm Writing You This Letter To
Tell About Myself. I'm 14 Years Old, Having Been Born 4/10/1998.
My Favorite Sport Is Between Football And Baseball, And Other
Hobbies Include Watching T.V., Listening To Just About Any Type Of
Music But Pop, Drawing, Hunting And Fishing, And Reading Various
Kinds Of Books. I'm A Christian, But Not Like Some Of Them Who
Proclaim And Put On A Front. I Guess To Sum It All Up, I'm My Own
Uniqua Individual With Tastes That Sometimes Do Match Up With
The Masses, But Sometimes Don't. In The End, I Would Say I'm Not
Pink Floyd's Other Brick In The Wall; Rather, I'm A Mostly Peaceful
Person That Attempts To Not Pass Judgement. I Hope I Didn't Sound
Like I Was Overtalking Myself, And Wish You Good Days
Sincerely, Zane Carroll
Frances Dickson-Vandervelde
Dear whomever,
My name is Frances Dickson-Vandervelde. I am thirteen years old, and my birthday is December
14. I am the youngest in the QUEST program and the second youngest in my graduating class. I
usually do exceptionally well in all of my classes, but I am best at math. I hate doing homework
because I find it too easy, but I endure it so I can achieve my elaborate dream house when I'm older.
I am not very athletic, but I do enjoy ping pong and I want to start martial arts training. I prefer
sedentary activities like drawing, reading, sleeping, playing video games, playing card games,
playing bored games, and watching Japanese animation (anime). I also enjoy acting (mainly
improvising and pantomiming), juggling, and playing the cello.
I also like making pitiful puns. For example in the previous paragraph I made a pun of bored and
My favorite type of music is classical, but I enjoy most music. My favorite color is SHINY black. My
favorite food would have to be chocolate, and my life ambition is to have a giant sunflower field in
France with a labyrinth for a house and have a cafe at the edge with an architect firm on top and an
aquarium underneath. I also hope to be a professional musician. I apologize if this is too long to
read, or if I seem a bit crazy.
Frances Dickson-Vandervelde :)
Aaron EISH
My name is Aaron
I am 15 years old
I have two sisters
Their names are Gabby and Mary Anna
My Mom's name is Jodie
My Dad's name is Jim
I like sports like swimming
I like to play video games
I live in South Carolina
Hi there!
Please to meet you! My name is Jayda and I am
14 years old and in the 9th grade. I like to sing,
dance, and draw. Oh and video games are pretty
fun too. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes.I
am also a "Artist of Boredom". You know when you
are really bored, and you start to just draw? That's
what I do. When I am bored, I start to draw, and
when I am done I realize I have created a
masterpiece, and I eventually end up keeping it
because I like it so much rather than throwing it
away like usual. I have two little brothers, one is 9
years old and the other is 8 years old. I'm looking
forward to another letter back!
Vous parler plus tard!
Chaley JAMES
• Hi. My name is Chaley
James. I am 14 years old. I
like to play soccer and I
love watching football. I
have great friends and I
like to have lots of fun. I
really like to sing dance
draw and do my hair and
makeup. I can't wait to
get to know my pen pal(s)
Zachary JORDAN
Bonjour! Je m’appelle Zachary
Jordan.J’aiquatorze ans. I am
currently a freshman at BrooklandCayce High School. I love the arts. I
play trumpet in concert, marching,
and jazz bands, and enjoy arranging
music for all bands. (I also play
ocarina, an instrument made popular
by the Legend of Zelda videogame
series.) I enjoy reading, playing
videogames, surfing the Internet, and
painting on both real-world and
digital canvases. I am extremely
excited for this opportunity to
communicate with someone from
another country, and I look forward
to our correspondence!
Zachary Jordan
Je m'appelle Kelsey Sox.
J'ai quatorze ans.
I will turn 15 October 24, 2012.
During my free time I like to listen to music,
read, and do photography.
I play volleyball, basketball, and softball.
One day I hope to travel around the world,
but for right now I'm stuck exploring South
My best friends name is Iris and I've known
her since preschool.
I love to laugh and joke around with my
In the future, I hope to either become a
writer or photographer.
Well this is my basic life story, so hope to talk
to you soon.
• Bonjour, Je m'appelle Amber. J'ai quinze ans. I am a ninth grader at
Brookland Cayce High School. My favorite subjects are Graphics and
French. In graphics we learn how to make designs on the computer, and
sometimes we can put those designs onto our own t-shirt. I enjoy French
because I think that learning another language is very interesting.
I have one older sister who is twenty years old. She goes to the University
of South Carolina. I play volleyball and basketball for my high school. I like
reading, going shopping, and hanging out with friends.
I hope to one day visit France. It think it would be a very fun trip. There are
so many exciting places to go in your country. I hope that my class can go
on a trip to France and our classes could meet. That would be so cool! I
look forward to hearing back from you!
• Pin pal letterHi , my name is Haley Harrell. I can't wait to be
contacting you more often throughout the year(s) and
hopefully learning more about your culture and
language. I am a 14 year old freshman here at
Brookland Cayce high school. I play soccer here and I
try to be very active. I love to listen to music (pop) and
hang out with friends. I also like to travel a lot and love
shopping! I hope we will contact more in the future
and learn more about each other.
Haley Addy
• Hi, my name is Haley
Addy. I am 14 years old.
• I play tennis and have
always wanted to go to
France! I am in the 9th
grade at BrooklandCayce high school. I
hope to correspond
soon!! - Haley Addy
Drayton HEH
• Hi my name is Drayton Heh. I am fourteen
years old and my birthday is May 1, 1998. I am
a freshman at Brookland-Cayce high school.I
live in Columbia South Carolina. My hobbies
are playing soccer and skateboarding. I have
an eight year old sister named Christian. I
have two puppies named Coastal and Boo. I
hope that we can stay in touch, and please
write back. Thank you for your time.
Bailey ROWD
My name is Taylor Pittman and
I go to Brookland Cayce High School
where I am a student and Junior
Varsity cheerleader. My favorite
subject is English and I really like to
write. One day, I hope to be a dentist
or any other career in the medical
field. I have a Mom named Suzanne,
a Dad named Billy, a brother and
sister (I am a triplet) and two pets:
“Jeep” my dachshund and “Max” the
guinea pig. I’ve always wanted to
learn a new language and I’m very
excited to learn French! I’ve heard of
all types of food there and I think
would be neat to see France one day!
• Dear Student,
• Hi my name is Laken. I am 14
years old and am in the 9th
grade. I love to draw and play
violin. I am a cheerleader for
the JV football team. I have
one brother who is 10. My
favorite food is black bean
burritos. I have blonde hair
and green eyes. I am looking
forward to getting to know
you! I have posted a picture of
my self below 
• Sincerely, Laken
Dear pen pal,
My name is Hanna Sharpe, I am 14 years old and attend
Brookland Cayce high school as a freshman in the advanced program called
QUEST. I am a very athletic girl that loves nature and sports. In my free
time I play softball year round with a group of girls and travel all around the
state. I have been blessed with the ability to be able to be on both,
volleyball and softball varsity teams at my high school and love every
minute of it. I love to hunt and fish as well with friends and family. My
favorite thing to eat is pizza and chicken! Where I come from down in the
south we love to eat chicken! My favorite colors are, blue, green, pink,
orange, and, purple and I love strips and polka dots. I love to shop for
clothes to at a store called Forever21. I hope to hear back from you so I can
learn a little more about you!
Hanna Sharpe.
p.s. my French name is Dominique
Cher/Chère pen pal,
* Mon nom est Hanna Sharpe, J'ai 14 ans et fréquentent Brookland Cayce
haute école comme un collège dans le programme avancé appelé QUEST.
Je suis une très jeune fille sportive qui aime la nature et les sports. Dans
mon temps libre je jouer au softball toute l'année avec un groupe de filles
et voyager à travers tout l'état. J'ai eu le bonheur de pouvoir être en
mesure d'être sur les deux à la fois, le volley-ball et du softball varsity
équipes à mon école secondaire et d'amour chaque minute. J'aime à
chasser et à pêcher ainsi avec les amis et la famille. Ma chose préférée à
manger est pizza et le poulet ! D'où je viens vers le bas dans le sud, nous
aimons à manger du poulet! Mes couleurs préférées sont, bleu, vert, rose,
orange et violet, et j'adore les bandes et polka dots. J'adore acheter des
vêtements à un magasin appelé Forever21. J'espère vous entendre de vous
pour que je puisse en apprendre un peu plus sur vous!
I’m the one on the right
• Hello!
• My name is Bailey and I am 14 years old. I
have one sister and she is 12. I like to play
sports, but I'm not on a team. I like to
horseback ride, and I love to be outside. I'm
excited about learning French!
• Sincerely,
• Bailey Epting
• Hello,
• My name is Dennie Dillard. I'm 14 years old
and I go to Brookland-Cayce High School. I like
playing x-box and watching TV. My favorite
show is "The Walking Dead." I also like to play
basketball and to be with my friends.
• Sincerely,
• Dennie
Katelyn SMITH
• Hello,
• My name is Katelyn Smith. I live with my mom in
Columbia, SC. My birthday is February 11, 1998, so I'm
14 years old. I attend Brookland-Cayce High School as
a freshman (ninth grader). For my career, I'm hoping to
be either a gastroenterologist or a wedding
photographer. All music genres suit my taste with the
exception of country and R&B. My favorite bands are
Maroon 5 and Evanescence. As far as movies go, I'll
watch anything. Some of my favorite movies are
"Remember the Titans" and "The Titanic."
• Katelyn
Dominik BYARS