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Fighting World War II
In Europe
Chapter 24
Sections 2
Americans Mobilize for War
 Atlantic Charter
– Winston Churchill (Great
Britain) and FDR (America)
– Set foundation for the United
 15 million “Government
Issue” soldiers
 Diversity in the Armed
– Navajo code talkers
 Women in the Armed
Fighting in North Africa and
 The Battle of the Atlantic
– German U-boats cut off Britain
– Convoy system to deal with U-
boat “wolf packs”
 The North Africa Campaign
– German General Erwin “Desert
Fox” Rommel
– El Alamein
– General Eisenhower
– Casablanca Conference
 The Invasion of Italy
– Patton takes Sicily
– Mussolini overthrown
– “Bloody Anzio”
War in the Soviet Union
 Hitler wants to invade the Soviet
– Breaks pact with Stalin
 The Germans Advance, 19411942
– 3.6 Million Germans advance into
the Soviet Union
– “Scorched earth” policy
– Stalin begs for support
 The Battle of Stalingrad
– Russian army takes advantage of
Russian winter
– Red Army launches an assault
– Turning point of the war in the east
The Invasion of Western Europe
 The Air War
– The RAF bombing Germany
• Carpet bombing
– Allied bombing to soften Germany for
an invasion
 Preparation for Invasion
– Buildup troops in England
– Coast of France prepares for war
 D-Day (June 6, 1944)
– Largest landing force in history invade
 Battle of the Bulge
– American forces move into western
– Nazi counterattack in Dec. 1944
– General Patton brings reinforcements
and U.S. stops German advance
– Last chance for Germany to hold off
War Ends in Europe
 The Soviets Advance
– Move on Berlin
• U.S. move toward Germany from west
• Soviets move from east
– Eastern front
– Soviets take Berlin in April 1945
 Germany Surrenders
– Hitler commits suicide on May 1, 1945
– Germany surrenders on May 8, 1945
• V-E Day (Victory in Europe Day)
 The Yalta Conference
– Stalin, Churchill, and FDR (the big
– Split Germany up
– Stalin promised to enter war in the